Jesus in the center

We arrange gospel campaigns to reach the crowds with the good news. By inviting people to a neutral venue; a sport center, an outdoor arena, a cultural center or an open field we want to make it accessible for people that otherwise wouldn’t attend a meeting.
The arrangement of our campaigns are adjusted to become relevant to the culture we work in but the message of Jesus is always in center and is clearly being presented through drama, music and preaching. We also pray for the sick and at every campaign we see God confirming his word with signs and wonders.

Together with local churches

All our campaign are arranged in close cooperation with local churches.
Usually the campaign meetings are held during evening time and during daytime we arrange seminars to encourage and equip the local leaders and believers. The campaigns create a unique opportunity for the local churches to reach out to there community, village or city in a way that they would not be able to do by their self. The local churches are responsible for the advertisement, inviting people and the important follow-up work for those who respond to the gospel. Our ambition is always to see as many as possible become part of a fellowship and being discipled.

The result

On our campaigns we usually se hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people
seeking salvation, healed, and delivered. The effects of the campaigns are church growth and new churches being planted. Another positive effect of the campaigns is the unity among the churches as they gather around the common task Jesus gave us. We also bring teams with us on our campaigns and for many, it is a lifechanging experience. If you or your church want to cooperate with us to reach the unreached our if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through

National missionaries

The benefits are many

Supporting national missionaries that reaches their own people with the gospel is an effective tool to fulfill the great commission. The national missionaries we support are reaching their own people trough church planting, one-one evangelism, leadership training, children- and youthwork etc. There are many advantages working with national missionaries.

  • They understand the culture and language
  • They require much less financial support
  • They can work in areas inaccessible to westerners.

Examples of national missionaries we support

Avdija has a vision to reach the Balkans!

Avdija lives in the southern part of Serbia, in the city of Vranje, only a few hours drive from Kosova and Macedonia.
Avdija, 31 years of age, lives together with his wife and son in the southern part of Serbia, in the city of Vranje, only a few hours drive from Kosova and Macedonia. This is a part of Europe sometimes referred to as the Balkans, one of the least evangelized parts of Europe.
Avdija has a passion for worship, prayer and to train a young generation to become dedicated followers of Jesus. He is leading a church filled with young people and is also involved in church planting.

– Our vision and dream is to build a spiritual center that will be blessing for all of Balkans. We also want to reach out to neighboring countries.
The last years Avdija have seen a youth revival break out among the Roma community, many have been saved and baptised. The need of spiritual fathers and mothers is great. Avdija shares his heart:

– Many have come to faith in Jesus and we are in great need of training new leaders.
We dream of seeing not just our city but the whole region transformed by the power of the gospel”

Clements vision is to train 300 harvest workers!

Clement did not grow up in a christian family and had little interest in the gospel.

Clement did not grow up in a Christian family and was very critical against the Christian faith. Being a part of the majority religion in his country he used to offer sacrifice in the local temple. But despite all sacrifices his prayers was unheard and he felt a growing disappointment in life as he did not get any job after finishing his studies. His only Christian relative offered to pray for Clement, something Clement agreed upon after some hesitation. But only a few days after the prayers he got his long-awaited job! Clement secretly took a new testament from his relative and started to read. During his reading he became more and more fascinated with Jesus and his teaching. The following nights he woke up 5 A.M with a clear voice saying
– Clement get up and pray!.Initially Clement did not know what to believe. But as the voice continued to wake him up at the same time and with the exact same words – Clement get up and pray! –  he started to pray to the God he had read about in the New Testament. And God encountered him! To make a very long story short Clement choose to follow Jesus wholeheartedly and after some time he was called into the ministry. Today he has led many of his relatives to Jesus planted a church with many hundred members and lives with the vision to train and send three hundred missionaries dedicated to reach their country with the gospel

Team trips

During the years we have taken teams around the world and many have given the response that the experience have been lifechanging.

Why do we bring teams?

We want to give more people the opportunity to experience and get a taste of missions! The great commission is to great and important to only engage a few. We want to train and equip every one that joins us and give room for the team members to step out in their giftings.

Who can join us?

If you want to see the kingdom of God expand, grow in your faith and make a difference for people who don't know Jesus. Then team trips are for you! If you turned eighteen you are welcome to fill in the interest form below.

It has been a fantastic experience to join a team with Life Mission. To see people saved, healed and delivered in the name of Jesus! It feels like you are moved back to the book of Acts, where there is a great faith in Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. These trips have inspired me and given me a greater heart for missions and a greater longing to see more of the power of the Holy Spirit in my own life.

Eva Frosthagen, Örkelljunga

To travel on missions is a great adventure! You are challenged and grow as person. It is a great joy to minster together as a team and it great fun to see others grow in their gifts and also to step out in the gifts God has given you. To share the joy as we see people being healed and touched by God. To join a team with Life Mission has been the highpoints of the year!

Niklas Degerfält, Uddevalla

Freedom project

“Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen:
to loose the chains of injustice
and untie the cords of the yoke,
to set the oppressed free
and break every yoke? (Isa 60:8)

It is a sad fact that modern day slavery holds millions of children, women and men in captivity. Millions of people that lives with ongoing physical and psychological threats and are forced to work with a small or no wage at all. Trafficking and the sex slavery is today one of the biggest sources of revenue in the criminal world apart from drug trafficking and illegal firearms.

Debt slaves

Another form of slavery is the so called debt slaves. They usually consist of families that have been pressured to take a loan in order to pay for their child´s healthcare. They must then move with their whole family to live and work of their debt at a factory. But with a combination of an extremely low salary and an unreasonable interest the debt increases. When the parents pass away the children many times inherits the debt and the cycle of debt slavery passes from one generation to another.

Redemption of families

Trough our partners we redeem whole families living as debt slaves in South Asia. After the redemption our partners makes sure the children are put in school and helps the family to find accommodation and a job.

Jesus came to bring freedom to the captives and that includes those who lives in modern day slavery!

Let us make a difference. One child, one family at a time.